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Make Money Online / Passive income

The Way of Passive Income


Blogging is old but genuine way to make money online. Start a Website and follow your passion into profit.


YouTube is another platform to earn online Money. Create any kind of Videos are you interested and promote your Brand.

E-commerce store

E-commerce store is a online Business platform to sell Products. Click your Business you become a Entrepreneur.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of easy way to make money online. Promote another person’s or company’s products and earns a commission.


You can love to writing of any perticular topic, sell your  Books of available book platform in the Internet. Like Payhip, Amazon, Instamojo, etc.

Social media management

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) is the best platform to earn money. you have a good knowledge of social marketing you can earn money easily.


Freelancing is a offer of part time as well as full time skill based work platform to earn online money.